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Asara Tsehai

Founder of A Touch of Life 

Author of The Ancient Principles of Radiant Health 

Creator of Ancient Treasure, A Beauty Company


"I plan to be Fit, Fabulous and Fine at 100," proclaims the 60-year-young Asara Tsehai, founder of A Touch of Life, a health-and-wellness institute that specializes in “Transformational Teambuilding” and “Employee Wellness” training for non-profits, corporations, and organizations. Ms. Tsehai is the author of the life-changing book, The Ancient Principles of Radiant Health and has produced the unique 9-Breath Meditation 2-disc CD set, which combines voice, music, and breath to release stress. Ms. Tsehai recently launched her newest creation, Ancient Treasure, an amazing, all-natural healing face-and-skin conditioner and moisturizer.

Ms. Tsehai has been featured in Essence, Sister to Sister and Heart & Soul magazines. Asara’s innovative approach to wellness is engaging, inspiring and highly effective. She is a world traveler and has lived and studied health and culture in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. She speaks French and has hosted her own radio health talk show in Paris. She uses her world experience to bring people of all different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives together for a common vision. She played a key leadership role in the Critical Mass Health Conductors Project, growing it from a one-county to a five-county health advocacy program for African Americans in the Bay Area.


She brings over 35 years of experience in the health and wellness industry to her training and workshops. She has been teaching holistic health since 1977 and has developed workshops on nutrition and personal and professional development. Thousands of people have been moved, touched, and inspired by Asara’s teachings.


Ms. Tsehai is a Wellness Educator and a Team Building Expert. She graduated as a Natural Health Educator from the Academy of Life Sciences. Her academic experience includes the University of Paris, where she studied Biology and French Literature; Camden County College, where she studied Dietetics; and San Francisco State University, where she studied Speech Communications.


Ms. Tsehai conducts team-building and wellness training for the University of California at Los Angeles, Berkeley and San Francisco; the Alameda County and Louisville, Kentucky health departments; the New York Educational Department; the Bay Area Black United Fund and other distinguished institutions and organizations. Ms. Tsehai has participated as a guest speaker at conferences both nationally and internationally. She has been a keynote speaker at such events as the International Health Expo in Jamaica, the African-American Health Summit and the African-American Cancer Conference.